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Zoie Way
QuickFix Phonics


Why spend years learning to read English and pronounce words correctly... 

when you can do so in 4 weeks!

Let your child experience fast results in English for a massive confidence boost and high motivation for more.
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QuickFix Phonics, the Groundbreaking Language Learning Method, helps your child decode 100+ words in just 5 lessons! 

Our proven step-by-step system for parents requires only 10-15 minutes a day to jumpstart your child's reading skills and help them become a confident and fluent reader by:

  • Decoding words in 4 hours or less
  • Enjoying a massive confidence boost
  • Developing a genuine interest in books
  • Positively impacting English learning

Empower your child’s future 


Revolutionize the way your child masters english with rapid results with a system that allows students to read simple books within a week


Ever since I started teaching English, that is the sentence I wanted to hear. 

Early on I realized my students were failing weekly or bi-weekly spelling tests (10-30 words), They were very frustrated memorizing and learning because it wasn’t working for them and were extremely discouraged.

They had low confidence and hated learning English.

That is why I created groundbreaking reading course Quick Fix Phonics - The Maelan Way™. It is especially designed to DELIVER RESULTS in the shortest amount of time possible. I wanted my students to end their struggle with phonics and reading to start enjoying stories and books. 

With thousands of students having used my method, I managed to address the most frequent problems I encountered in so many students:

  • Low confidence
  • Couldn't decode words
  • Couldn't spell
  • ​Read little to no books

At last, I no longer needed to see students feeling lost and guilty because traditional methods weren't working for them when it wasn't their fault.

I knew there had to be another way. So, while I struggled with my students to find the most effective way to read, I created Quick Fix Phonics - The Maelan Way™.

Sveta Banerjee

It's a fast, fun and flexible system that yields reliable, proven results for students of various levels, ages and personalities.

The Maelan WayTM

"He said it was fun and very happy..."

"My son never liked cram school. After attending Zoie's class, he actually asked to go to Zoie's class. He said it was fun and very happy. Now he also reads English story books at home and pretends to be a teacher to teach me how to pronounce. Thank you so much!"

Lau Dick - Parent

Help your child succeed

Why take years when you can do it in weeks
It's just a fact that most people quit when it takes too long to see results, kids included. It never ceases to amaze me how this course can tap into each student's individual potential to create explosive results in a short amount of time!

It doesn't work if it's not fun and easy
For parents, the course makes the teaching part easy, so they don't get stressed out and quit. For children, the learning part happens with games. How do kids act when playing games? They want to keep playing because it's so fun. Say goodbye to tantrums and tears.

Kids need to see the end goal
Like you, kids need to know why they are doing this and what it's for. In three lessons, your child will read simple phonics. When they realize what they can do, their motivation and confidence skyrocket! Like video games, learning becomes independent and automatic!

Experienced-based learning means you can start practicing with books instead of doing countless worksheets!

"Learning this phonics method not only builds up my spelling skills, but also my confidence!"

"The phonics method is very useful and helpful for spelling a word because I can sound it out instead of memorizing it. It also takes me less time to read a difficult book now. Learning this phonics method not only builds up my spelling skills, but also my confidence!"

Eilly Li – QuickFix Phonics Student

The Maelan WayTM

Why is it a game changer


Quick Fix Phonics Students
For the past 20 years, I've used the Quick Fix Phonics - The Maelan Way™ course to help thousands of students master reading and spelling. 
It never ceases to amaze me how much my students can achieve when they find a method that works for them and regain confidence. 
Seeing the smiles on the faces of the families I work with fuels my passion for continually developing and creating new approaches to learning.
Here are just some of the reasons why QuickFix Phonics is such a winner with all our students!
Online video lessons means you can learn any time, any place at your own pace.
Our course can accommodate families with multiple children so they can learn together. 
You want MINIMAL work
Video lessons take 5-15 minutes to watch. Your child's homework practice takes 5-10 minutes daily (no writing required). 
You apply the system to their existing textbooks and homework so there is no extra work!  
You want to HAVE FUN
Avoid the typical battles with PLAY
You can teach, concept check or review lessons using the materials, toys and games you already have at home.
Perspective is everything
You want RAPID results
After each lesson, you can apply the methods right away to notice phonic patterns or read with simple phonics readers or storybooks.
No more endless boring worksheets.

You want a GUARANTEE?

Get our special FREE LESSON so you can try our amazing reading method before you buy.

Overcome 3 main obstacles

  • Retaining Sounds: Many children have trouble remembering sounds because they learn word families. Our course's organization of phonic sounds allows children to learn sounds more efficiently to start reading from books much quicker.
  • Transitioning Sounds: Some children run into trouble when reading because they can't hear the word when sounding it out with traditional phonics methods. Our unique approach solves that problem and enables children to reach higher-level words.
  • Unfamiliar Words: Traditional phonics teaches word families, sometimes leading to memorization. Children don't know what to do when they see a new word when this happens. This course focuses on a system that gives children the skills to decode confidently.
The Maelan WayTM

"This pinyin method is worth recommending to everyone."

"After attending the teacher's 4-hour pinyin (phonics class), compared with other pinyin (phonics) classes for half a year before, the children have made great progress in reading English. This pinyin method is worth recommending to everyone."

Chun Hung - Parent

What are the top 3 benefits


Super-quick results whereby students can be reading simple books within a week
A systematic method that provides the essence of phonics and decoding
Video lessons show the parent exactly what to do, easy to follow

Why does it work so fast


You don’t need to learn a set of words for each phonics sound (not all the sounds are taught) we use pseudo words. (If you can read any “sound” you can read any word).
We offer unique methods for blending and segmenting which is where most people get stuck even after learning all the sounds.
Children get an immediate confidence boost because of the fast results and develop intrinsic motivation. I would relate this feeling to “levelling up/gaining skills” in a video game.

"It takes less time for me to prepare for dictation and I can use words in writing sentences. I can also tell the differences and similarities in the sounds of a word when spoken."

Matthew Cheung - Student

The Maelan WayTM

I like to help the underdogs and see the smiles on their faces when they succeed.

I like discovering “diamonds in the rough” and making them shine.

Zoie Way

Hey There,

My name is Zoie Way, a writer, lecturer, mum-preneur and an enthusiastic English teacher dedicated to transforming the way students learn, grow and succeed in our modern era.
As the co-founder of The Maelan Way and creator of the Quick Fix Phonics program, my personal teaching journey began over 20-years ago, and although I absolutely love what I do now, it wasn’t the future I had always envisioned.
Teaching wasn’t in my initial gameplan. I worked in healthcare management, spending most of my days managing medical practices and setting up new clinics from the ground-up. I had worked with general practitioners, various specialists, psychological mental health practitioners, and radiologists, but never children. At that time, I decided to start a part time teaching job, and I began to see the pure joy within the hearts of kids. Their innocence, curiosity and exuberance towards life inspired me. But as much as I discovered their playfulness, I had also discovered their suffering. Local schools in Asia are very good with rote learning, but the kids who don’t perform optimally under these conditions are treated like underdogs.
Misunderstood, neglected and disconnected from their learning power, I didn’t see underdogs, I saw diamonds in the rough. This is what led me to the phonics reading program. Born out of pure urgency, my phonics program began to boost their confidence, uplift their spirits and nurture the potential within every diamond in the rough.
I had realized, instead of focusing on adults, I could help develop kids, creating a healthy and supportive space for them to thrive. Cue The Maelan Way - Quick Fix Phonics: an unconventional yet highly effective phonic program that empowers students, of all ages, to learn quickly, grow abundantly and experience a truly progressive, fulfilling learning journey.
Driven to create future change in our world, I hope my company and my unique teaching methods continue to impact the lives and hearts of underdogs, always.
The Maelan WayTM

"Reading difficult books is not a problem for me now..."

"This phonics method is helpful as it builds up my spelling skills. When I have a quiz, I am confident to get satisfying results using the skills. Reading difficult books is not a problem for me now because I can sound out the new words correctly."

Audrey Li – QuickFix Phonics Student

QuickFix Phonics is for you if...

  • You lack of time to teach their own child – you work full-time and are always running.
  • You can’t teach your child because you lack the know how causing friction in the relationship.
  • Don’t know enough about how to teach phonics other than learning a bunch of sounds on YouTube.
  • ​Sceptical about whether the program will be successful due to poor results from other methods you have used.

"Fun and interactive way to improve the phonetic skills for all kids..."

"Common Sense Education provides a fun and interactive way to improve the phonetic skills for all kids. The teachers are professional and patient who always encourage my child to engage throughout the reading and spelling process."

Mil Ho - Parent

The Maelan WayTM

What our students say about us

"We have been learning this phonics method since we were in primary school. It helped us a lot in studying for different subjects, not only in English. We can spell words and pronounce them easily.
We enjoy learning English now!!!"

Charlotte & Danielle Choi – QuickFix Phonics Students

"Speaking exams in school used to be the most difficult part because students are required to read aloud a passage that they have never seen before. The phonics method made my life much easier as I never have to guess the pronunciation anymore."

Joshua K – QuickFix Phonics Student

"I have used your phonics books for my child's Kindergarten program within a Catholic School program here in Hong Kong. Your books are fantastic. The 3rd person dialogue and narration is fun, and I find the pictures are quite amusing too. What can be better than laughing and learning at the same time?
Thank you!!!"

Wing Sing Chiu - Parent

"In February of this year, the eldest daughter participated in Zoie's 4-day English pinyin course. Zoie was very dedicated and devoted to improving her daughter's English pinyin. In addition, she only reads 5 vocabulary exercises every day and Zoie quickly responded and encouraged her. She also participates in story telling, 15 minutes a night, she learns interesting English without pressure.
Worth recommending!"

Doris Kwok – Parent

"Both of my sons was improving speaking and reading skills after to learning your phonics system. And your teaching way are useful to make them easy to picking up.
Thank you very much."

Queenie law - Parent

"I found this phonics method very effective, especially for my English dictations. I can learn the words faster and without memorizing them mechanically. 
It gives me the confidence to enjoy English learning."

Markus Tse – QuickFix Phonics Student

Are you ready to improve your kid's english?

Frequently asked questions

1. Does your course teach all the phonic sounds?
No, it doesn't, that's because we want the child to start reading books as soon as possible! In our experience, the students that came to us were already burnt out from countless phonics lessons and worksheets, and they had low confidence and were not interested in reading and writing.
Many parents have a misconception that more phonics lessons mean better reading. Still, from what we observed over the past 20 years, more practice actually reading books results in improved reading ability and establishes a healthy reading habit.
2. Does your course teach sight words (tricky sounds)? 
Tricky words are challenging to learn AND explain. When introduced early on in the reading journey, it can lead to stress and frustration. Eventually, the child or the parent gives up and just hopes for the best.
Our course is designed to provide both the parent and child a positive experience to stay motivated and learn. All tricky and sight words are acquired naturally by noticing while reading!
I found that it's much more enjoyable and effective as the child is the one that becomes proactive. When learning is initiated by the child, information is retained much more quickly.
3. Does your course work for older children?
For older students aged 8 up to 16 who are still reading below grade level, this course will fast track them to catch up to grade level,
Progress can be made quickly because our course focuses on teaching a decoding system that consists of a unique blending and segmenting method. Instead of doing hundreds of worksheets to memorize over 30-word families, our course allows you to apply the system to read books straight away.
This approach makes learning to read much more enjoyable because a clear purpose is established, so the experience becomes more meaningful for the child.
4. Will your course require a lot my time?
As a parent myself, I understand how multiple kids or a job can leave little time to support your child's needs. Our course incorporates Mikro Lessons™, short 5-15 minute instruction videos paired with 10-15 minutes of play or practise time daily. We've kept the explaining to the minimum so you can actually spend more time doing!
The course is online, so you can learn any time, any place. Practice while grocery shopping by reading cereal boxes, food labels and signs.

improve your kid's english

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