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"I am enough of a realistic to understand I can't reach every child, 
but I am more of an optimist to wake up every morning and try."

Quoted by Steve Sherman at TedX Captown


Educator, Parenting Coach, Entrepreneur, Cheer leader, Game maker, Author


As a full-time educator and mommy, I quickly realised that traditional teaching methods were expensive, time-consuming (an average of 100-200 hours!) and frankly, tedious.

I was struggling to find an effective way to teach students of various education levels, ages and personalities. It was hard seeing students about to give up on themselves because the traditional methods weren't working for them.

I knew there had to be another way, so I created Quick Fix Phonics - THE MAELAN WAY™.

For nearly 20 years, I've used the Quick Fix Phonics program to help thousands of students master reading and spelling.

It's a fast, fun and flexible system that yields reliable, proven results with minimal investment.
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